Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A trip to the border and back

Day 1
6.6 miles 
Total 6.6
Day - Moving Avg 14.9
Day - Overall Avg 7.7

We awoke early and rushed downstairs from the hotel to start assembling our bikes. We wanted to get the bikes rebuilt so that we could get a ride to the border and back before it became to warm. 

The bikes were disassembled more than we had expected, but they were extremely well packaged, so thanks for that River City Cycles. The exciting fact of this is that Apricots and I were able to learn a little bit more about our bikes as we built them. It was intuitive enough, and I only had one real problem. I did not have a torque wrench, so I guessed on when the screws were tight enough. We will likely hit up a bike shop in Silver City and have them to a quick inspection of the screws, as well as help clean up and problems which arise in our first few days.

After assembling the bikes, we took out our bikes to cycle south the 3.3 miles to the border. We snapped a couple pictures at the border. We wanted to have someone take a picture of us, as the self timer picture was mediocre at best. I tried to asking a passing pedestrian. Just my luck, he didn't speak any English, and our Spanish is sub par. I tried to gesture to him what we wanted, thinking it would be clear. Turns out the man was also blind. How hilarious is that? Time to brush up on our Spanish.

Apricots and I hopped back on our bikes and returned to the hotel. The innkeeper gave us his car keys and let us run errands with his van. Logically, we could have used our bikes, but we opted out, as it was already 100 degrees, and the day was still young.

Errands ran, food eaten. Bed time for an early rise.

at a slower place.

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