Thursday, June 16, 2016

Zero in Grants

Day 10 - June 16th
0 miles
Total 366.3 miles
Day - Moving Avg 0 mph
Day - Overall Avg 0 mph

I promised Apricots a zero in Grants. But in truth, I needed it more than her. We both were happy to get it, as yesterday we rode 74 miles, and tomorrow we will take a shot at 120 miles. I say shot, because that is a long ride for a day that is supposed to be in the upper 90s. Also, we are passing through a long long stretch of shade free zone.

We are opting for the longer day due to limited camping opportunities, and limited water options. Check out the route on Google earth, to see the vast barreness we are planning on rolling through. Probably an early start too.

So today, for me  zero I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to time our trip, and direct our trip to a location where I could send a REI care package to. Aka, my repurchase of all the lost goods from the last leg.

Beyond that, a local Trail Angel Carol Mumm drove us to groceries and post office. Her and her husband have been helping trail angel for several years now and she was happy to offer any help she could. For sanity sake, we asked for her to drive us, rather than having us log 15 miles of bike riding across a very stretched out town. Thanks Carol.
As an aside, her husband and her make very nice high end bird cages, so if your interested I can give you the details.

As the day wore on, we sat in the shade at the RV park, and shared a watermelon with Dave, a fellow through biker. His route mostly follows ours, but he is doing a few side trips along the way. You can find his journal at, I believe he said his username is Mexico2Canada.

Time to hit bed, the long day is nine hours away.

Live life at a slower place.

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