Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hard Day: Redux

Day 6 - June 12th

45.2 miles
Total 205.1 miles
Day - Moving Avg 5.8 mph
Day - Overall Avg 3.4 mph

Today was supposed to be easier. And, in truth it sort of felt easier, but seeing our avg paces, it would seem otherwise. Short post because I am exhausted, and we have to go forty miles to water in the morning.

Today we combatted three solid climbs of about 5 percent grade. Apricots was able to bike all three of them, albeit at a walking pace. I am still proud of her accomplishments today. I can't seem to motivate myself to bike up the steep grades, if I can push my bike at the same pace. It feels less fatiguing to push the bike, but I suspect that will change as we get stronger legs.

After the second big climb and drop, we stopped in at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch to resupply on water, and have an early lunch. The property was beautiful with scattered cabins and at least 25 horses. 

One climb later we were at the Beavercreek Work Center, enjoying fresh cold water, and two sodas from a vending machine. We chatted with two other tour divide racers, before they took off to cover another sixty miles.

We only made it another twenty or so. Slowly climbing a bumpy gradual climb in a treeless landscape, the sun stated us in the eyes. The wind tried to push us downhill. And our lack of energy told us that we should not go as far as we wanted.

In the end, our mileage wasn't too bad. But everything we do takes unbelievable amounts of energy. Two sloths swimming through molasses in January move faster than us.

On the bright side, everything was beautiful today, even if New Mexico is trying to kill us.

Live life at a slower place.
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Live life at a slower place.

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