Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two Passes in a day!

Day 20 - June 26th
65.1 miles
Total: 803 miles
Moving Avg: 6.9 mph
Overall Avg: 4.6 mph


We went to bed late, after two racers arrived at the hostel. They are tandem riding the divide. Crazy.

Then we woke early and made the 20 mile jaunt to La Garita. On the way there we dealt with some rough two track roads that were fun and wobbly and bouncy, but we also went down a sandy wash for a couple miles. I hit the sand and fell. I laid dead on the ground until Apricots asked if I was okay. I was fine. Just a fool on the ground clipped to his pedals awkwardly.

The breakfast at La Garita fueled us up to the top of our first pass, Carnero pass at 10,120 feet. A long descent followed to a very hot highway with no shoulder space.

Six miles later we started our climb up the second pass. Cochepa pass (don't quote me on the pass names, I am beat and too lazy to check) is also a little over 10,000 feet. While resting in the shade, Joy and Jeff caught up with us. They are two other tour cyclists moving at roughly the same pace as us.

The four of us made the slow jaunt up the pass, in a desperate search for water. Each passing creek bed was dry and reminded us of New Mexico. Near the top, Jeff scored us some water from a group of people camping with RV Trailers.

Refueled with water, we made the final push to Luders Creek Campground, where we ate dinner together and congratulated one another for cycling two (ish) passes in a day, and putting away 65 miles on dirt roads with over 5000 feet of climbing in the day.

Getting stronger.

Live life at a slower place.

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