Monday, June 13, 2016

Lost Gear

Day 7 - June 13th
55.5 miles 
Total 260.6 miles
Day - Moving Avg 7.5
Day - Overall Avg 4.4

Today was a first for us. It is a new record for daily mileage. In fact we had covered 46 miles by lunch. It should have been 42, but I lost my clothes.

Seriously, we were cruising down these gravel roads, going upwards of 15-20mph which was a nice change. I looked down at my fork, and noticed I only had one gear bag instead of two. All of my clothes fell off somewhere along the bumpy way. We backtracked about two miles, but never found it. Sad sad loss for me. We would have gone further, but we were on a limited water supply on a hot day. We could not.

I lost: thermal leggings, town shorts, town shirt, my 2008 Portland marathon long sleeve, one pair of under armor underwear, one pair of cycling socks, one pair of warm socks, and a waterproof gear bag. It probably was equivalent to letting 150 dollars fall on the ground. Sad face.

After no luck finding the bag, we hightailed it down the road. The first half of the morning was beautiful through scenic areas of Gila National Forest, but we soon emerged on the wide open Plains of San Agustin. The roads were extremely bumpy, and the sun beat ferociously at us. We pushed hard, and made it to the church to resupply our water. 

We ran into another cyclist like us. He is trying to do as much as he can in the limited time he has. You see, he is also a Calculus teacher out biking for the summer. Us calculus teachers like a good challenge. And I can say, this has been a serious challenge. Fortunately, other repeat riders have informed us that the Gila Wilderness is known for being very difficult.

After refilling our water, we laid on our ground cover in the gravel, and tried to rest before pushing the final ten miles up to camp. Tomorrow we will descend to Pie Town, NM.

I will eat seven pies.

Live life at a slower place.
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at a slower place.

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Live life at a slower place.

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  1. Hiya Rog!

    I see you aren't far from Albuquerque... don't forget to take that left! I'm following you from afar!