Saturday, June 25, 2016

All that downhill

Day 19 - June 25th
29.4 miles (plus a couple town miles)
Total: 737.9 miles
Moving Avg: 9.3 mph
Overall Avg: 5.5 mph

We made it to Del Norte. And even though it was pretty much all downhill, I am tired, so this will be a short one.

Up early, we made the 90 minute climb to the top of Indiana Pass, the highest point on the Great Divide trail. It is marked at 11,910 feet, but after going over the pass we climbed just a hair higher to 11,945. See the attached picture for our 6:45 joy. We almost made it on time to catch the sunrise.

Following that climb, we made a 23 mile descent of roughly 4000 feet. We passed four or five racers, and wished them luck on their long climb.

By 9am we were at a biker hostel. I rushed over to the Post Office. A care package from my folks arrived, full of tasty treats. Additionally, our new tent arrived. I returned to the hostel, and we set it up. I am so happy with it. Sure it may be heavier, but it is bigger, and it zips shut on both sides. No climbing over one another. No dripping water. No mosquitos.

Then we ate pizza and had some beer and cheesecake. Then laundry. Then three or four hours at the bike shop.

A new bike shop in Del Norte just opened. Kristi Mountain Store is a satellite store to their main location in Alamosa. The staff were super helpful, and helped Apricots and I learn more about our bikes. We got new chains, and Apricots had some other modifications done to her bike, including a rack which will enable her to carry a more equal share of our joint load. (Maybe I will soon be walking less, with a lightened load).

Back to the hostel for dinner, and packing. Tomorrow we have 37 miles to cover to get to the top of the next pass. We hope to get there before thundershowers.

Sargents in two days.
Salida the day after.
Silverthorne two days later.

That's the plan at least.

Live life at a slower place.

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  1. Tired, but you look happy.