Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 20 Addendum

I was too tired last night to give much effort to the blog post. I missed a couple details.

When we stopped in La Garita for breakfast, we also bought two sodas to bring with us over Carnero Pass. As we made the climb we were hoping to get over the pass before the afternoon thundershowers. For the most part we made the 18 mile ascent without stopping for breaks. As we neared the top, we started hearing thunder, and saw a lingering storm cloud chasing us. We kept climbing and looking back to see if we were outpacing the thunder cloud.

Near the top we were losing steam, so we pulled out our sodas to sugar burst us over the top. Apricots had a soda with "This is how we do it" written on the can. She read it aloud, and I thought she was referencing how we push ourselves over passes, then I realized she was reading her can.

I read mine:

"I'm on top of the world."

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