Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Is New Mexico still chasing us?

Day 23 - June 29th
26.8 miles
Total: 929.3 miles
Moving Avg: 9.4 mph

We woke at six this morning. The room was pretty warm, but it was good to get rest. We used the kitchen in the hostel to make some hot coffee. It is nice to have such simple pleasantries, as we travel without a stove to cook our food. We eat only cold food. Unfortunately, this makes town food that much more alluring, and hard to live on a limited budget.

By seven am we were rolling down the highway toward Silverthorne. We were both wanting an easier ride, so we saw a path along a rail line that led to our next town stop. Since the highway paralleled a river and rail line, we knew the climb would be super gradual, and paved the whole way. On top of that, it passes through Leadville, CO. Word has it that this city has the highest elevation airport in the United states.

Twelve miles down the road, Apricots and I sat on a curb at a gas station eating tortillas and tuna, and drinking gatorade. I was feeling low energy so we took an early lunch at the gas station.

Twelve miles past there, I was really struggling with my energy, so we pulled into a coffee shop in Buena Vista. We had coffee and tiramisu. Amped from the coffee, we headed out of town for the final thirty five miles to camp at Sugar Loafin Campgrounds.

Two miles later, I was crashing hard, and Apricots made the executive decision to call it a day. She knew I was sick from something, and that I needed rest. We pulled into an RV park and set up camp.

I think I had some bad water, as I have been visiting the bathroom more than I should, and I was obviously low energy. I crashed in the tent, while Apricots biked back to town (in a light rain) to get me some probiotics, zinc, and grapefruit seed extract. She played doctor for me today, pumping fluids and being the awesome person that she is.

Hopefully my energy will be back tomorrow. We have a big day.

I wonder if the illness is from bad water. We did accidentally pull water from a civil tap that had warnings of e. Coli in the water.... but that was all the way back in Vallecitos, NM.

Maybe the pizza was bad food....

Maybe I am just tired from so many hard days. Maybe New Mexico finally caught up with us and is still trying to officially kill me.

Live life at a slower place.

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  1. Bad water is a real possibility for intestinal issues….hope all is well. You all keep on keeping on ….love you