Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The heat that beat us.

Day 2 - June 8th
51.4 miles 
Total 58
Day - Moving Avg 9.3
Day - Overall Avg 4.2

Well the day was so damn hot. We fell short of our goal by about ten miles. We started very early to beat the heat, but we spent too much time in Deming after our first 32 miles.

We needed to go another 31 miles to get to City of Rocks Arch. All of this paved asphalt riding is nice but the heat sure does reflect back at you. We tried to push ourselves, but the heat finally won. We decided to rest and go eight mile chunks to our destination.

Four miles later we gave up. We took weak shelter under a small shrubbery and whined for hours at the ants, sticky thorns, very hot drinking water, and passing cars which seemed to be oblivious to the fact that I said "ice cold pop please" to every passing car. There was even a water delivery van who blasted past us, as we pleaded silently from the roadside.

On the bright side, we were able to work on our sun burns. My arms have not seen such atrocious burns since the first time I hiked the PCT. I don't think Apricots sunscreen worked too well.

After close to three hours of waiting out the heat, we finally decided that we would make our destination in six mile legs. Slowly, begrudgingly, we packed up to hit the road. Only this time, we had the heat, and a headwind to battle. Three miles later, we saw a giant dumpster in the sun. We opted to sit in its stinky shade while trying to find out if the Bar S Ranch RV park was open. There was an antique road sign directing us two miles off route to the RV park. We were afraid to sidetrack and find the RV park long closed.

As the stench of the giant baking trash receptacle started to seep into our clothing a truck drove past. I ran over and asked if the park was open. He said it probably was. I asked if it had water, and he said very likely. Then he looked at our sad pathetic state and gave us his large Gatorade and cup of ice.

OMG it was heaven drinking a strangers Gatorade in the shadow of a dumpster.

We biked the final two miles to the RV park. They have been kind and accepted us, even letting us crash in the Club house to limit our interactions with the rattlesnakes which tend to cover the entire property at night.

We used our time to give ourselves a gear shakedown. A lovely shower, and grip loads of iced beverage.

Lesson learned.... Don't bike between noon and four in this atrocious heat.

Tomorrow, on to silver city and beyond. We are a little over a day away from the Gila Cliff dwellings, if we opt for the 37 mile detour.

at a slower place.

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  1. Temperate zone, ha. Hope you have cooler weather and zero snakes.


    1. I got a laugh out of that too. The lady that owns it is from the NW, so maybe it's temperate the rest of the year?

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    3. Wow. Sounds as though that trek was rather trying….Good there are folks along the way that are generous and helping you out. Rest, cool off and journey on…Blessings…Love ya…mom

  2. Hiya Rog/Lauren--

    Heat is no joke. It will get you suddenly and without mercy. Staying still (resting) during the worst of it is wise. 124 degrees here, btw, ya' noob! --Mark