Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nothing to Report Here Folks

Day 21 - June 27th
48.5 miles
Total: 851.5 miles

The cow's moo was heard all night long. We made fun of it, but then some nearby campers told us that the farmer had just separated the calves from their mother.

The moo was a call from mom to her babies. And it went on all night long. And that is sad.

The day was rather simple, with little to report. We finished our ascent of Cochetepo Pass, and then made the long gradual descent to Sargents. In the last six miles to Sargents, I bonked. My speed dropped dramatically, even though the last miles were flat and on paving.

We arrived at the trading post, where I ate much food, and had two giant iced teas. The caffeine did nothing to wake me. I wanted to nap, and eventually I gave up hope on pushing ten more miles toward Marshall Pass.

Apricots and I decided to get a mini cabin so we could shower, do laundry, and get solid rest before the climb tomorrow.

Today we passed the center of the racing herd. We passed probably 20 racer cyclists today, and had pleasant conversation with those who paused for a chat.

Live life at a slower place.

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